NFT Holder Discount

We provide an additional 20% OFF discount to holders of the following NFT collections whose merch you can find on our website. Please connect your wallet to apply the discounts.

Connecting wallet is safe, here is why:

1. Our store is built with the robust, safe and hosted solution by Shopify, a public company listed on NYSE;
2. The connect wallet app is developed and secured by ShopThru, a Shopify certified token gated app for Shopify;

So please feel free to connect your wallet and claim the discount.

If you hold any NFTs of the following collections, you can save 20%:

Cryptoadz NFT Merch Discount Code CrypToadz by GREMPLIN


Moonbirds NFT Merch Discount Code Moonbirds


Goblintown NFT Merch Discount CodeGoblintown


Mfers NFT Merch Discount CodeMfers


Nouns NFT Merch Discount CodeNouns


Tiny Dinos




Alpha Duck


Cryptofoos NFT


If you are a NFT creator and you don't see your collection listed here? Please collab with us.